Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Twitter's just too darn complicated for you? Worry not!

According to @kellyhclay, Twitter has realized that the Facebook user's profile is a lower-tech or less tech-savvy than the Twitter ones, and to get more people onboard the Tweet-like-Crazy train, are studying the possibility of making Twitter much simpler and easy to use, by adding Facebook-like features (i.e.: instant reply without a lot of work behind it).

Here's the story so far:

"This is according to Mashable. A small percentage of Twitter users are now testing a feature that prompts users to @replies, or @mentions, to users directly from the users’ profile pages. Instead of hovering over a tweet to reveal the options to favorite, reply, and retweet, Twitter users may in the future simply just have to type their reply into an input field that’s below the profile information of the other user.

Mashable called this new feature similar to a Facebook message wall, but the difference is that the @reply won’t be featured on the other user’s Twitter stream. It doesn’t appear Twitter will act any differently than it does now, where your @reply tweets actually get featured in your own Twitter stream. The problem is for many new Twitter users, for whom which this new feature is probably designed for, won’t understand this. Hopefully the test of this new feature will either reveal this problem, or surprise us with a nice solution right from the start."

So what do you think of it? Want to give Twitter another try?



  1. I have tried to explain Twitter to my wife, and also to some friends, to no avail. They simply don't understand it, it's so different from any other software they have used so far...

    Thank you Sam for this interesting article.

  2. You're welcome, David, hope it helped!


  3. I admire those who can work with Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Linkedin and other stuff like that (and that I can´t even remember) aaaaaaaall together... I just find it impressive!!