Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon experience

Ok, so just came back from watching the latest Transformers movie, and though I had only seen the first Michael Bay movie from some years back, I have to admit I had a really fun and entertaining time with the Ultimate battle between Autobots and Decepticons.

Michael Bay has nailed the formula for these movies, and he won't let it go, because hey, after all, why break a toy that works perfectly?

This one's a fun ride, with lots and lots of fighting (between robots, non-trained humans, USArmy...), lots of destruction, twists, sacrifice, fun and some classic Michael Bay t&a, which basically just make you laugh.

Though at one point the movie could feel a bit long (when Samy enters a ravaged Chi-Town intent on facing the hordes of Decepticons and save the girl all by himself), the reappereance of a badass Optimus Prime saves it, and it is a merit to director Michael Bay and his Special Effects Studio the slick and smooth way in which both Autobots, Decepticons and US Army synch in a perfectly choreographed battle.

Don't really know about this movie's exact budget, but it must have been a nice effort on Producer's Steven Spielberg part. Every penny spent is worth it (and I watched it in 2-D!).

Some great actors like Frances McDormand (CIA top honcho), John Turturro (a classic in these Transformers movies) and a hysterical John Malkovich help to give the flick a different level than the average popcorn movie.

Shia Leboeuf, Spielberg's prodigal son, nails the classic hero-with-feet-of-clay who even in the third installment of the Transformers saga, gets poorly treated until, after a lot of fighting and shouting, he becomes the not-so-unexpected hero, and the Autobots best ally.

If you like big robots, massive destruction, and a nice dose of fun spread throughout it all, you'll likely enjoy this movie. After all, with the word Transformers on the title, you know what you're going to get...or don't you?


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hi People! Some First Words

Hey Everybody-

It's been a while since I took on the task of mantaining and updating a Blog, and though I had done so in the past for various reasons (my girlfriend included) my blogging hiatus had been going on for too long...

So now that I'm digging deep down into the Community Management/Social Media Management world, and have the opportunity to share my passion for the 9th art (Comics, fellas!!!) with the whole world, while at the same time getting to work on the Geeky Online Journalism field, I decided it was about time.

And I'm back. My purpose? To entertain & to be entertained with you, while at the same time sharing the stuff I've done on my Comics Journalism career over the years; as well as exchanging all kinds of tips on what makes a good Community Manager!

Oh, and I may occasionally drop a line or two about pugs, that lovable dog breed described as "multum en parvo". Yeah, I guess that's latin. On a first post.

Couldn't end on a higher note, so 'til next time!